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I warmly invite you to supervision!

I have completed a supervision course and gained a Diploma in Relational Psychotherapeutic Supervision at Relational Change, UK. I invite you to join me for specialist supervision of support work with LGBT+/GSRD (Gender, Sex & Relationship Diversities). I address my offer primarily to psychotherapists. Supervision of help provided by other professions, e.g. psychologist and sexologist, is to be considered with appropriate contractual arrangement.

I completed a general supervision course, which equipped me with the knowledge and skills to supervise psychotherapy with different client groups. In particular, supervising in the context of gender, sexual and relational diversity is my supervisor specialisation. In March 2023, a two-volume textbook on psychological support for LGBT+/GSRD people was published by Routledge. The Relationally Queer volume includes a chapter by me entitled GSRD-affirmative supervision of psychotherapy.

The supervision I provide is also subject to regular supervision to ensure the quality of my work.