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My name is Daniel Bąk. As a psychotherapist specialising in the difficulties of the LGBT+ community, I know the challenges that may be faced by people representing gender and sexual diversity or entering into non-standard types of romantic and/or sexual relationships (e.g. polyamory).

What is psychotherapy?

Learning new things

My thinking about psychotherapy is very simple. Each of us does what one can do (= what one knows how to do). If you come to a psychotherapist for support, it means that by doing what you know how to do, you get into trouble. In that case, you need to learn something new: a new behaviour and/or a new emotional response in selected situations. This is what psychotherapy is for. During the sessions, we will focus on learning these new things.


Psychotherapy is a joint venture. We will need each other. I have the knowledge and skills to help you find new solutions. On your side, you need to be willing to take the risk of deepening your understanding of yourself: your own history, thinking patterns  and ways of reacting with feelings to people and events. Then comes the time to try something new.

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I have experience
helping LGBT+ people

I publish on LGBT+ issues



Chapter entitled: When home becomes a threat. Polish experience of homo-, bi-, and transphobia


Chapter entitled: GSRD-affirmative supervision of psychotherapy


Article entitled: Psychotherapy in the Shadow of shame. The Polish experience of institutionalized homo-, bi-, and transphobia


Chapter entitled: Psychological difficulties of LGBT+ people


I have completed a professional supervision course

Supervisor is a particular role to support the provision of help by others. I have a diploma in supervision in a relational approach, which enables a deeper understanding of working with different client groups.

LGBT+ is my supervisor specialisation

LGBT+ is a separate specialisation in psychotherapy and supervision. I have the general competence of a supervisor but also the knowledge of the aforementioned specialisation.