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What is psychotherapy?

Learning new things

My thinking about psychotherapy is very simple. Each of us does what one can do (= what one knows how to do). If you come to a psychotherapist for support, it means that by doing what you know how to do, you get into trouble. In that case, you need to learn something new: a new behaviour and/or a new emotional response in selected situations. This is what psychotherapy is for. During the sessions, we will focus on learning these new things.


Psychotherapy is a joint venture. We will need each other. I have the knowledge and skills to help you find new solutions. On your side, you need to be willing to take the risk of deepening your understanding of yourself: your own history, thinking patterns  and ways of reacting with feelings to people and events. Then comes the time to try something new.


Lynne Jacobs, one of the most important teachers on my path to becoming a psychotherapist, says that you can tell that you are in a supportive context when 'you can think all your thoughts and feel all your feelings'. It will be my task as a psychotherapist to do my best to make our contact a source of support for you in this sense.

An act of courage

During psychotherapy, you will become aware of difficult things about yourself and experience the accompanying feelings. This is no urban legend of what happens in the office of a psychotherapist. This is what will happen. If you decide to do this, it is an act of courage.


Starting psychotherapy will affect your 'resource management'. To attend sessions, you will allocate your time, money and energy. It is not unlikely that you will feel that you have less of all of this once the meetings have started. It is then easy to think in terms of costs. Meanwhile, psychotherapy is both a cost and an investment. When you are better with yourself, it is easier to fulfill your obligations, earn money or find time for yourself and your loved ones.

Fees (if the client or supervisee lives in Poland)

  • Psychological consultation, 50 min. — PLN 275
  • Individual therapy, 50 min. — PLN 275
  • Group therapy/support group — currently unavailable
  • Supervision, individual, 50 min. — PLN 275
  • Supervision, group — determined individually

People who live in a city other than Warsaw, or outside Poland, can benefit from psychological consultations, psychotherapy or supervision through Zoom.

For people living outside Poland, the fee for a single psychological consultation, psychotherapy session or supervision will be equal to the most common fee for the type of meeting in question in this person’s place of residence.